Klash Creative Workshops

klash fashion sewing workshops

Klash Creative Workshops are craft and fashion workshops based around Dundee community centres.

Kaitlyn Bartlett, The Founder of Klash Fashion, is passionate about helping children and young people throughout the community of Dundee learn new skills, grow their confidence and develop a strong sense of self-belief through being creative and expressing themselves through fashion and crafts.

Although these workshops will be teaching skills, the main focus is around helping young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds express themselves creatively in a safe space. These workshops are for people who are interested in learning a new skill while most importantly developing self-confidence, self-belief and overall happiness!

These workshops will consist of learning how to sew, t-shirt printing, designing and expressing yourself through creativity and much more!

Please enter your details below along with your child's name, age and post code and I'll get back to you shortly.