About Us



Hey! My name is Kaitlyn, I'm a designer from Dundee, Scotland. I started Klash Fashion while at University studying Textile Design a few years ago however, my love for sewing began as a teenager where I was introduced to it by a family friend. From there, I began designing and making clothing from my kitchen table.


I created a bespoke fashion brand for one main reason. To empower women giving them confidence through the clothes they wear. I'm quite an introverted character, but when I have an outfit on that shows my true self I instantly feel happier and more confident. I'm here for the women who can relate to this, who want to feel their best true selves but struggle. Who want to feel as happy as they deserve to be but something's holding them back.

I feel that fashion is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a piece of adornment that gives us a little bit of magic. When we find the right piece of clothing, it gives us the power to express our authentic selves and gives us confidence to be proud of who we really are, which is exactly what I am to give you from the clothing and accessories I create. 

Your thoughts, opinions and needs are at the forefront of everything I do here at Klash Fashion and I always try my best to incorporate this throughout the whole process. This allows me to take you along with me throughout the journey. 


Unlike mass produced clothing, the pieces here are original and unique. Each style begins as an idea which develops into a garment that I cut, stitch and create myself. 
Each piece created consists of 3 main factors to ensure it is produced to the best of quality. These 3 factors include Time, Care and Craftsmanship. I create each garment on a made to order basis with these 3 factors in mind which prevents material waste. I also do this to give you the customer, the best of quality with the best possible service which results in a handmade piece that looks amazing and lasts longer!
Similar to the garments I create, I also make the best efforts to ensure the packaging is as sustainable as possible. Here at KLASH FASHION, I only use recyclable mailing bags along with recycled paper for the stickers and cards that are added into the packaging.