Sneak Peek Behind The Zero Waste Collection


The zero waste collection sneak peek headbands

It's almost here!
The Zero Waste Collection launches this Friday at 7PM (or earlier if you sign up for early access). 
This collection is one to look forward to. Consisting of a wide range of headbands and hoop earrings, there are styles to suit every badass woman who wants to look amazing while supporting sustainable fashion. 
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 As you all know, Klash has recently changed the pricing around to best meet your needs. Accessibility is so important especially when it comes to sustainable fashion and just general better alternatives to things. 
How can we expect others to change to a better alternative if the pricing doesn't encourage us to do so? I get that sustainable fashion is obviously going to cost more than fast fashion because slow fashion consists of doing things right, ethically, morally, sustainably which fast fashion avoids. However, because our society has been so used to fashion options being SO ridiculously cheap, accessible and convenient, its hard for us to convert to a slow fashion alternative, especially when fast fashion costs us literal pennies. 
Essentially, its not our fault that we are reluctant to purchase slow fashion alternative that is priced higher than a typical fast fashion brand, because fast fashion pricing has been our baseline for so long. However, we do have a responsibility and times are changing. 
As a slow fashion brand, I have tried my absolute best to keep prices fair enough so that I can keep my business and myself supported whilst also keeping it fair for our customers too. I want to encourage as many women as possible into slow fashion. There is so much to love about it. 
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One of the most exciting things about The Zero Waste Collection is that all of the fabrics used are offcuts that would have otherwise been discarded, meaning this while collection is the most sustainable collection we have launched yet as a brand!
It's also our earring debut. I'm not gonna lie, making fabric based earrings was such a fun process. It's something I definitely want to do more of as a brand in future if the response is good for this collection!
Let me know your thoughts on any of the points I've made in this blog post. What do you think slow fashion brands can do more of to encourage more people to support it? Do you think pricing and accessibility is an issue? 
and lastly, are you as excited as I am about this collection? 
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Lots of love, 
Kaitlyn x x x 

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