Sewing alterations are now available!

sewing alterations now available

I'm so excited to let you all know that Klash Fashion now have a new service available! 
We can now offer an alteration service for any garments you own that need a bit of TLC. 
The reason behind offering this new service heavily aligns with our beliefs on sustainability, as this new service allows us to quite literally stitch new life into old, damaged clothing you have. 
With sustainability and upcycling becoming more and more popular in mainstream media, Klash Fashion hopes to get involved in the movement more by helping you on your journey to becoming more sustainable through the fashion you already own. 
We also know that us humans are all unique and come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes when we purchase something online it isn't true to size. With online fast fashion companies, sometimes we can't be bothered with the hassle of returning an item if it is quite cheap, which is normally the case with these fast fashion brands. I totally get that it can feel like a hassle and we do sometimes fall guilty to just shoving the garment at the very back of our cupboard never to be seen again. 
If this is something that resonates with you, then please do get in touch about our alteration service as the team at Klash Fashion would be more than happy to help with altering your garment so that you can use it as much as you like.
Using an alteration service can also help you save money, as instead of wasting money on a new garment because your old one may be too big, wearing away or even have a button missing etc. , these things are easily fixed for a small cost that's more often than not cheaper than going out and buying a replacement. 
It's a great way to prevent more clothing going into landfill as well as this is a serious issue within the fashion and textile industry. Millions of pieces of clothing end up there. We want you to feel comfortable with getting in touch as often as you like for any alterations as a way to prevent adding your garment to landfill. 
So let us help you on your journey to saving more money, becoming more sustainable and helping the environment by getting in touch either on social media or on our 'contact us' page about any alterations you require! 
No job is too big or too small! 

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