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Hey everyone! 
I'm so excited to announce a brand new service here at Klash Fashion. 
Let me tell you more... 
What is the new service? 
We are now open to custom T-shirt dress orders! Which means we are now able to collaborate with you to create your very own unique dream T-shirt dress!
This is something unique to Klash Fashion and it's been something that a lot of time, effort and planning has gone into. 
How will it work? 
So, we've simplified it down to 4 easy to follow steps explained below... 
Step One: 
If you're interested in collaborating with me to create your very own custom T-Shirt dress, you can get started by either contacting myself on the 'Contact Us' page on the website or by sending a message over on our social media page(s)
Step Two: 
We will then have a conversation about which colours, prints, fabrics, fit and size you'd like! 
Step Three: 
I will then create a mood board unique to your preferences, specifically designed with your choices and style in mind. 
Once I send this over to you, all you need to do is choose your final fabrics!
Step Four: 
The final step includes us ordering in your fabrics and giving you regular updates about the journey of your T-shirt dress. 
Please Note: 
Lead times may vary however, lead times have been updated to 2-3 weeks for custom t-shirt dresses for now. Any changes of this will be updated on our social media pages. 
Full payment will be required firstly. Prices will vary depending on your fabric choices. However, I am happy to discuss your budget to ensure your dream dress is within the price range you desire. 
... So that's how the process works!
Here's what one of our Custom T-shirt Dress customers, Charlotte, had to say about her experience and T-shirt dress... 
1. How was your experience working with Klash Fashion? 
"Working with Klash was so easy, it was straightforward and relaxed. I was kept updated on the process. Overall, enjoyable and stress free."
2. Please provide some feedback about your order: 
 "I am in love with the dress, absolutely gorgeous. I left it to Kaitlyn to pick the colour of the neckline and it goes so well."
3. Would you recommend Klash Fashion to a friend? 
 I would highly recommend, there is not one thing I could say to fault the process, the product or the maker herself."
4. What would you say to those thinking about ordering with Klash Fashion? 
Do it. I would of happily paid the money for this dress as it's just amazing. No one could ever regret ordering from Klash."
To order your very own custom T-shirt dress, get in touch now!
Remember, you can either send us a message via our 'Contact Us' page on the website or via DM on our social media platforms!

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