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mary quant 2021 documentary sadie frost

"Be free, be yourself." - Mary Quant 

So, This Sunday just passed, I treated myself to a solo trip to the DCA to watch the screening of the new 2021 Documentary 'Quant' Directed by Sadie Frost. 
I already knew this documentary was going to inspire me as Mary Quant has been one of the biggest influences for me as a creative and fashion designer. Here are some key takeaways that stuck with me after watching the documentary: 
I can relate to Quant in so many ways, from her reserved nature to her creativity. One thing I loved about the film was that she said she didn't ever do things 'proper' in terms of creating and designing clothes. Quant did it her way and I absolutely love how this statement alone has the ability to open up my mind to countless possibilities and that there is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative. 
Another key thing I loved was the fact that she never let anyone else' s input sway her decision making, particularly a man's input. In the documentary, there's a scene where she is in the process of creating a ladies perfume. There's a male perfumer by her side telling her that her ideas were basically too difficult to accomplish, however she always got her own way and this scene there were no exceptions. She had a clear vision and she didn't let anyone else's opinion affect it. 
mary quant fashion designer
I also love how in this documentary, they focus on how fashion coincides with activism. For example in the 60's when Quant was becoming big, women were beginning to rebel more against what society expected of them, contraception was introduced which gave women more freedom with their lives and they began to become more independent, follow their dreams, create their own careers and so on. Paired with Mary Quant's influence on fashion, allowing women to be more daring, sexy and rebellious, it gave so much liberation to women. It was a time period that really influenced and empowered change. 
Near the end of the film, there were discussions about where fashion is now and how perhaps we should take inspiration from the 60's in how fashion was produced back then. It was much more slow compared to today, higher quality materials were used, more time and craftsmanship were added to garments which made each piece more valuable and long lasting and unique! 
I love how they talked about sustainability in the film, even if it was just for a short period of time. As a fashion designer and business owner who works very much like they did in the 60's in terms of a more slow fashion approach, I totally agree. 
We can make the clothing that we wear much more special and valuable to ourselves by buying from more ethical, independent brands, by customising pieces ourselves, by purchasing from vintage or charity shops as the clothing has more character and story... 
There is so much we can do to move away from fast fashion! I do understand that buying from a more sustainable brand may be more expensive due to the makers spending more time on making, the fabrics being better quality and so on however, I truly believe its accessible to all as this isn't the only way to become better. 
Lastly, and probably the biggest key takeaway I got from this documentary, was that Mary Quant simply inspires me to the very core. Everything she stood for, everything she achieved, her use of colour and pattern and rebellion. It all immensely inspires me and keeps me focused on my own business, my own journey and my own self belief. 
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