It's Mental Health Awareness Week: Let's Talk About Loneliness

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is around loneliness. 
Loneliness is something that affects us all, some more than others granted. But nonetheless, we all know how this feels some way or another. 
As a small business owner, I want to talk about loneliness in the perspective of being a small business owner who works alone. 


So, let's talk about the loneliness we may experience as small business owners, or just as someone who is following their career goals in a less traditional way. 
I think it's brilliant that in 2022, we are seeing more and more people step away from the 'normal 9 to 5' type of job and instead are going on to create their own opportunities. I believe it's really inspirational and exciting to witness this happening and to be part of this change myself, as a small business owner who is self employed. 
However, it can be super lonely. 
Today I'm talking about my own personal experience because it's something I have lived through and therefore know from experiencing it first hand. 
I am someone who thrives from being in solitude. I love my own company, maybe a bit too much. I'm not going to lie, it's one of the main reasons I love working for myself. 
As much as I love meeting new people and collaborating with others, I enjoy being in solitude most of the time as being an empath, I can become drained very quickly if I am around people more often than not. 


However, when does solitude turn into loneliness?
I'll be honest, I still haven't found the balance right. Sometimes it takes me having to be around people for me to realise I have spent too much time alone and not enough around others.
It can be detrimental to a person's mental health when isolated for too long. 
For me, some things I experience are believing in every thought I have as I have no one to chat to about them therefore find it difficult to separate thoughts from reality. 
I begin to feel 'flat'. The things that excited and inspired me once before start to feel mundane and boring because it's the same old. 
If I am struggling with something difficult and don't reach out for help, the problem snowballs into something so much bigger than what it actually is. 
These signs tell me instantly that I need to go out and be around others more often. 
A problem shared is a problem halved speaks truth. When you begin to be around others and talk about problems you are dealing with, just having someone there to listen can feel like a huge relief. 
Being around others can at times boost my energy. You know those people that just enter a room and everyone just lightens up? Those people are my favourite type to be around as instantly you feel lighter, happier and more energised. 
Being around others while being self employed is great at times too. Why not sit in a busy coffee shop or shared working space instead of your lonely studio every once in a while? It's something I like to do every so often. 
Social media can also be a great place to turn to when experiencing feelings of loneliness. 
During lockdown, I felt like it was a place I could turn to if I needed to chat. 
I feel a sense of unity and community which is a huge positive about social media. 
The fact that we can connect to anyone around the world through our fingertips is magical when used the right way. 
So I would like to finish this little post about Loneliness by saying if you are someone that experiences loneliness, as a small business owner or not, I am always open to chat. 
You know how to get in touch so please if you are struggling don't be a stranger. 
I also hope that by reading my signs of experiencing too much isolation, and my tips on overcoming it, it helps you. 
Please feel free to share away as you never know who might need it.


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